Winners of Gratiaen Prize 2002

2002 Winner

Out of the Darkness
Vijita Fernando

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Out of the Darkness
translated Vijita Fernando

Vijita Fernando is a journalist, translator and fiction-writer and is the winner of a State Literary Award. As well as writing short stories she has also translated many Sinhala novels into English.

Excerpts from the books

Out of the Darkness translated by Vijita Fernando

Somaweera peeped at the shining orange coloured car to see what Sri series it was. He recognised the man in the driving seat at once. Did he make him out, wondered Somaweera. Why shouldn’t he have recognised him? He would have seen Somaweera from inside the car even from a distance. Then why was there no mark of recognition even after their eyes met?

Why does this fellow who greeted him and called him ‘machang’ a mere five years ago now behave like this? At that time he was in his final year at Peradeniya. Now of course he is a lecturer, a professor and recently it was in the papers that he was the chairperson of some youth movement. It must be the daughter of the rich Mudalali that he married who was seated in the front seat and that must be the car he brought when he returned from England...