Gratiaen Prize Long List 2018

In its 26th year, the Gratiaen Trust has embarked on a new format for the Gratiaen Prize, incorporating a long list before the short list and main Award are announced.

The long list for the Gratiaen Prize 2018 is:

Seneka Abeyratne - The Beast and Other Stories
Elmo Jayawardena - Kakiyan: The Story of a Crow
Chamali Kariyawasam - Catharsis
Shehan Karunatilaka - Chats with the Dead
Upali Mahaliyana - Youthful Escapades
Ayathurai Santhan - Every Journey Ends
Arun Welandawe-Prematilleke - The One Who Loves You So
Zeneefa Zaneer - They Failed to Kill Her

Congratulations to the writers! They make up a strong field of contenders who deserve recognition and were selected out of 42 entries which qualified.

The short list will be announced on 8 April 2019 at the British Council, Colombo at 6.00 pm. Ruhanie Perera will moderate a discussion with the long-listed authors on their work. All are welcome.

The main Award will be announced on 9 June 2019.

Last year Winner

Jean Arasanayagam

The Life of the poet, is it different to the lives of the ordinary anonymous person we pass the time of the day with, who jostles us on crowded streets or elbows us out in that hurried passage to reach the winning post to place the laurel wreaths upon their brows. No, the true poet is never the victor, never seeks the cheers of vociferous voices or the applause of surging crowds drowning the voice of spontaneous utterance.

Gratiaen Prize 2017 – Judging Panel